SWIMMING PIG BOAT TOUR SALE!!! - Nassau to Exuma Direct

  Welcome to the Hottest new activity to hit the shores of Nassau Bahamas. 4 Incredible island stops in one amazing day! This excursion is the farthest offshore daily excursion to ever operate in the entire country. Your journey will take you a full 150 plus nautical miles, roundtrip by power boat into the depths of tranquility, excitement and overwhelming adventure. You will experience Extreme wildlife interaction up close, feed iguanas, swim with sharks, and of course the main event Swim with the PIGS!! Along the journey, you will also enjoy a water sightseeing tour of the Exuma cays hidden away in a secluded paradise of crystal clear turquoise waters. Water, lunch, swimming, and food for animals all included in tour price.   *****Please note that this is a Long Distance Safari by sea. The tour is centered around wild life interactions. All animal encounters on the tour are random and natural. No creature encountered on the tour is trained, caged or domesticated in any way. Following guide instructions and using caution and care when interacting with creatures is vital. Travel time by boat to Exuma consumes a great deal of time therefore actual interaction time with animals are all set to maximise the full potential of the day's activities within the days time parameters and have guests back in Nassau during daylight. Trip is not suitable for toddlers, infants, nursing, pregnant or persons with recent back injuries, athletic ailments or similar.  

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Pig Beach Flight Express Tour - Plane to Boat (PBX)

  WELCOME TO THE PIG BEACH EXPRESS TOUR!   This tour is specifically designed for persons with limited time like our  cruise ship passengers but it is available for any and everyone that prefers a smaller group tour, extended interaction times and a slightly earlier return. The PBX flight tour runs 10am to 3pm. FLight departs Exuma at 3pm for Nassau. You will arrive at your cruise ship at 4:30pm or sooner depending on traffic in the inner city. Included in this tour are the swimming pigs 1 hour and the Sharks 1 hour. There are 3 animal interactions included in this tour - swimming  Pigs, Iguanas and sharks. And 5 island stops in total. Lunch is included at the local restaurant in Blackpoint Exuma.    Double check your cruise ship arrival and departurte manifest as this tour is EXTREMELY time sensitive.   Return time is 3:35pm depending on weather. The plane departs Exuma at 3pm daily to return to Nassau.   ****CRUISE SHIP PATRONS - Please note that any persons from the cruise ship with shorter time parameters can inquire on special flight plans designed specifically to meet their docking and departure demands. Shorter times can be customised to meet time demands and in MOST cases a private flight may be necessary.

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Pink Sands Escape - FAST FERRY TO Harbour Island

Yes you read that correctly. Pink Sands!! This Amazing sight is absolutely real and only a quick boat ride away from the busy city of Nassau. Escape to Harbour Island, Eleuthera Bahamas, a small town filled with history, colonial architecture and a close knit Island Style infrastructure that instantly gives you a nostalgic feel of 50s 60s Vintage tourism.   The island is small and pretty much everything is within walking distance, however the main and preferred ways to get around is by Golf Cart or bicycle. The locals are friendly, the food is superb amd the sights are amazing.    We provide the fastes means of transport to and from Harbour Island via direct boat transfers from Nassau, Paradise island ferry terminal. Our customized power boats gets you there in 1 your 30 minutes tops. You then have the entire day to free roam and explore from 10am until 4pm.   Tour Departs at 8:45am and returns at 5:30pm from the Paradise Island Ferry Terminal - Margaritaville Restaurant in Nassau   ********PLEASE NOTE THIS TRIP INCLUDES YOUR RIDE ONLY TO AND FROM HARBOUR ISLAND. THIS TOUR REQUIRES A MINIMAL OF 10 SEATS TO ACTIVATE. GOLF CARTS BICYCLES LUNCH ARE NOT INCLUDED

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